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LAVICO LIVING is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that one can achieve based on sound informative decisions and the ability to choose. The choices that you make will determine the lifestyle that you will lead.

The programs that I am personally involved in and making money from are located on the OPPORTUNITIES page and listed here:

  2. TPP
  4. VGV
  5. DPS
  6. EPX

These programs have a combined track record of over 30+ years helping people successfully make money within the home based industry.

They are debt free and can only lead to the best possible "opportunities".

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My Personal Story

For the longest time I've surrounded myself with successful people who I've admired for their honesty, integrity, and mentorship. I did not always want their material possessions, but I wanted the time that they had to spend with family and the freedom from worry, that an independent income could only bring.

Thanks to the programs I'm offering you by my trusted mentor who has guided me for over three years, I'm now living the lifestyle of working from home within the home based industry. The lifestyle that I once admired others for having, known as LAVICO LIVING.

Start Here & Achieve!

  1. Review the programs located under the OPPORTUNITIES section above. Upon choosing your program of interest enter the requested information.
  2. The FAQ Section provided will also answer any possible questions you may have. Please email me at for I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you,

Victor Barone

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